Introducing LunchPODs – Weekdays at Noon!

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New to NorthwestFest this year, Edmonton’s podcast community is featured in a series of lunchtime conversations on the art of the podcast format and trending topics, plus tips and tricks for aspiring ‘casters.

Look for LunchPods, weekday noon-hours during the festival at the Needle Vinyl Tavern (with snacks provided!).

NWF Passholders gain access for free, and anyone can drop in for $5 per session – tickets available at the door.

Come support the local broadcasting community, and join in the conversations!

Monday, May 8

Passion Pods: Where Art & Sports Collide

Taylor Chadwick & Chris W. Cook of What It Is are passionate supporters of Edmonton’s local arts scene, but also big supporters of sports – specifically hockey. They’re joined by Erika Ensign of Beginner’s Puck and Steven Schapansky of Hockey Feels to discuss their passion for sport AND the local arts scene. Is there truly a divide between the two, or are the arts and local sport more connected than we assume? Can we support both at the same time? Join these passionate individuals to see whether sport or art ends up dominating the conversation.

Tuesday, Tuesday May 9

Pods on Film: Movie Podcasting in Edmonton

Paul Matwychuk and Erin Fraser of Trash, Art, and the Movies are joined by Matt Bowes of Bollywood Is For Lovers and JP Fournier of The Movie Jerks to talk trends in podcasts about film.

Wednesday, May 10

Short Story Long: How Podcasts Pick Up Where News Outlets Drop Off

Alexandra Zabjek and Trisha Estabrooks of The Broadcast join Scott Fralick to dish from their collective journalistic experience on the gap that podcasts fill as news outlets lose staff and focus, and how podcasting allows for formats and conversations that you just can’t hear in traditional news broadcasts.

Thursday, May 11

Sound and Fury: The Key to Outstanding Sound & Content

Hosted by Adam Rozenhart of The Expats Podcast joins including Samantha Power and Lauren Albrecht to discuss the importance of planned and structured content, podcast length, and using the right tech for outstanding sound that shouldn’t break the bank.

Friday, May 12

Together We’re Stronger: YEG’s Podcast Community

Hosted by Karen Unland of Seen & Heard in Edmonton, this hour will discuss news, trends, and developments in Edmonton’s podcast scene, how you can get involved, and possibly where it’s all headed (hint: could a network be in YEG’s future?). Featuring Trina Shessel of the Northern Nerdcast and Ben Yendall of Tales from the Hydian Way.

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