2016 | Canada | 45 Minutes

“An Inside Look at Political Outsiders”, FRINGE PARTY is a documentary film exploring the struggles of small parties in Canadian politics during the lead-up to the 2015 federal election. As the candidates prepare for the political fight of their lives, they discuss and debate issues such as the role of government, the legalization of marijuana, religion in politics, electoral and systematic reform, and why they have the best plan for the future of Canada.

Featuring appearances by the Bridge Party of Canada, the Christian Heritage Party of Canada, the Communist Party of Canada, the Green Party of Canada, the Libertarian Party of Canada, the Marijuana Party of Canada, and the Pirate Party of Canada.

And, following the screening – they’re outsiders. They’re rookies. They probably won’t win.

Join us for a panel that talks with election candidates from the fringes about the uphill battle of running a campaign without the money, recognition or media coverage other parties and opponents receive. Even when they don’t win on the ballot, there can be victories.

Discussion moderated by Jeff Samsonow, publisher of Edmonton Quotient.


Miranda Jimmy is a community leader and co-founder of RISE (Reconciliation in Solidarity Edmonton). If she wins a seat in Edmonton’s fall election, she would be the first Indigenous women elected to city council.
Dr. Cristina Stasia is an award-winning university lecturer and the director of instruction at the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. She was an Edmonton candidate for the Alberta Party in 2015.
Screening presented in partnership with Edmonton Quotient

Film Information

Country: Canada

Production year: 2016

Running time: 45 minutes

Director: Josh Jensen

Language: English

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