2016 | Canada | 108 Minutes


Young dreamers search for money, meaning and identity amid the Northern sky and dusty winds of Fort McMurray – the capital-city of the Canadian oil sands, and the world’s third-largest oil reserve – as the most environmentally controversial place in North America goes from boom, to bust, to burn.

LIMIT IS THE SKY follows six young Canadians, including refugees from the Middle East and Africa, who come to Fort McMurray, the capital of the third-largest oil reserve in the world. “Fort Mac,” as it’s known, becomes a testing ground for these young dreamers as they struggle with their own perceptions of money, glory and self-worth amid plummeting oil prices, an unpredictable economy and, most recently, awe-inspiring wildfires.

Film Information

Country: Canada

Production year: 2016

Running time: 108 minutes

Director: Julia Ivanova

Language: English

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