2017 | Canada | 79 Minutes


Sound Engineer Adam Naugler was fascinated by an abandoned Alberta homestead. Hunkered against battering winter winds, adrift on summer wheat seas, the building was so forgotten the road in had long faded. Yet, year in and out, the building seemed, like a beacon, to call to him. A call to what ?

The moment he stepped inside, Naugler felt the answers to these question in the sound of his own voice. Amongst the cracked plaster, torn floorboards, windows bare to buzzing insects and raw prairie, Naugler heard acoustic perfection. Digging into the buildings mournful past reinforced his gut feeling that somehow, the aging homestead, and the vibrating energy of voice striking against lonely walls were, inextricably linked. But how could he bring such a powerful, abstract feeling to life? And then he heard the voice of Blake Reid and the path became absolutely clear.

From a storied line of Cremona Alberta farmers, Reid’s music explores the intimate connection between farming and the cultural values of simpler, communal past. Reid’s lyrics were a direct allegorical match to that stoic, weathered monument. And then there was the resonating timbre of Reid’s voice. NO ROADS IN covers five days as Reid, Naugler and band battle the elements to record an entire album, using acoustic instruments, with rudimentary analogue equipment. The experience in the old homestead proves, for each musician, a deep and unexpected catharsis.

Film Information

Country: Canada

Production year: 2017

Running time: 79 minutes

Director: Josh Wong

Language: English

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